Everyone at Miami Car Accident Clinics from our receptionists to your therapist, have one goal in mind--to help you  feel better fast.  We are experienced in treating many different types of accident injury cases including auto, car accident, slip & falls and work accidents.   At Miami Car Accident Clinics each patient undergoes a through physical examination and required diagnostic images studies such as radiographs (Xrays)  and MRI to determine and the document the extend of your injuries.  This enables us to customize a treatment plan and begin the process of pain relief and correction to allow healing and rehabilitation.   

Remember that at Miami Car Accident Clinics we are here to help! We want to work with you towards a full recovery and document your injuries so you can receive the cash settlement that you deserve.  Please don't take chances with your pain and your health.

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Miami Car Accident Clinics

Miami Car Accident Clinics 

Call Us:  305-905-1127

Miami Car Accident Clinics in Miami