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Chiropractor Services in Miami

At Miami Car Accident Clinics we aim to offer first class care, with the best technology and professional quality in the city. With the help of Dr. Luz Castillo you will be able to take advantage of our many services from chiropractic care to specialists, such as orthopedist and pain management doctors if needed. We also work with several Miami personal injury attorneys and if one is needed we can assist in connecting you with an one to help review your case.

Most medical professionals recommend that low back pain sufferers choose the most conservative and non-invasive care first. Dr. Castillo’s goal is to determine where and why pain, inflammation, and muscle tension may be occurring and then build an effective treatment plan. We know that your time is important and helping you recovery from your injuries at a proper time rate is key, which is why we will do everything in our power to get you checked in and treated with minimal wait time. On that initial day you will obtain your exams and medical studies, X-rays, treatments, techniques and therapies corresponding to the degree of the injury that you present.

Accident Rehabilitation
Massage Therapy
Therapeutic Ultrasound
Electrical Muscular Stimulation
Pain Treatment
Mechanical Traction Treatment
Physical Therapy

Our priority is to help you find a path to a speedy and healthy recovery

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