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Accident Attorney

Offering Legal Representation to Residents of Miami

Our medical treatments are not the only services that we are able to offer at Miami Car Accident Clinics, we are also able to connect you with a professional accident attorney to can provide legal counsel. When you are suffering due to an accident, be it car or slip and fall, you should always analyze the causes and factors as to why the accident occurred. In most cases, it is always best to have a professional personal injury lawyer present at your side to review all the details of the case and make sure everything is handled in a legal and fair manner.

How do I know if I have a case?

It is important for you to file a claim for your accident as soon as it has occurred. Keep in mind that insurance companies will do everything to keep their own interests at heart and pay out as little as possible. In order to truly understand the details of your case, our personal injury lawyer connection will be able to evaluate the situation and guide you on a plan of action. Whether at fault or not, you may have a case, especially if your injuries are significant.

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In the case of car accidents, lawyers play a fundamental role for the victim. These cases can occur due to a diversity of problems, but if the person at fault was the other driver for not paying attention to the traffic light or because they did not comply with traffic rules (such as speeding), it is important that the victim has a lawyer by their side to help them find justice and the compensation they are entitled to.

This compensation can be used for loss of wages due to missing of work, medical bills, and moral damage.

Health and Legal Assistance After an Accident

At our clinic and under our service you will not have to go to different places to get help you need after an accident. Our “one-stop-shop” provides you plenty of benefits, call today to speak with Dr. Castillo and schedule your free consultation.

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