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Car Accident Injuries

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Were you a victim of a car accident in Miami?

Thousands of accidents occur in Miami every year. When a person experiences a bodily injury due to a traffic accident, or a slip and fall, it is important to take immediate medical action to prevent any further bodily harm. To provide a better overview, we will lay out a series of different injuries, how they occur, and what is the proper treatment to improve.

In general, most of these accidents occur anywhere and at any time. In addition, the results must be taken seriously and put in the hands of professionals who help resolve existing injuries before they can worsen.

Car Accidents

In the case of traffic accidents, we all know that they happen when two cars collide or when a person loses control of their vehicle. What happens to the car itself will not always have to do with the result of the person’s health, as there have been cases in which the cars were destroyed and luckily the passengers end up unharmed. However, at higher speeds, accidents can be much more dangerous, resulting in serious even fatal injuries which is why it is imperative to receive medical assistance as soon as possible.

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Common Types of Injuries and Symptoms

  • Whiplash is one of the most common injuries a person may suffer when in a car accident. Due to the use of the safety belt and the pressure of the jolts on the impact the neck and spine are highly affected. Also, it is quite normal that after an accident of this type people experience severe pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back. Sometimes these pains can be associated with the numbness of legs and arms.
  • Bruises on the head can also appear after a blow on board a vehicle that has suffered an accident and this can cause spills, dizziness, blurred vision, tingling in some parts of the body, convulsions, confusion or disorientation. The seriousness of the matter will depend on the impact of the crash.
    • Dizziness, brain pains, chest pains, tingling and numbness in the extremities, anxiety, depression, blurred vision, among others may also occur.
  • Fractures, fissures or sprains are other possible ailments common to having a car accident, and can occur anywhere on the body, most commonly in the legs, arms, head, ribs and hands or feet.
  • Choking can also occur when a person has a traffic accident, since the car can run out of oxygen or the safety bag can end up being a double-edged weapon, leaving the driver and any passenger without air.

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It is also important to emphasize that the damages caused by car accidents may not only be external but also internal; more often than not victims think they are ok because they do not have physical wounds but the problem may be inside and can begin to manifest itself little by little. Physical wounds are not the only wounds you should be concerned about, but also your mental health can be affected with different levels of nervousness, stress, fear or anguish.

These are just some of the most common discomforts and symptoms victims of an accident can experience, although in some cases some may be harmless, it is vital that you see a specialist for chiropractic services to measure the damage caused and get treatment immediately.

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