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Miami Car Accident Clinics 

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Slip and Fall accidents can happen at anytime to anyone.  They are often the result from another party's negligence.

The most common injuries in a slip and fall accident are head trauma, broken or sprain shoulder, arm, ankle or hand as well as neck and low back pain.

Even if your slip and fall accident did not have an effect in your body, you could still have suffered injuries.  Often times a slip and fall injury that seems minor can cause injuries to a person because of our natural reaction to attempt to  brace ourselves for the coming impact.

Your bones, joints, muscles and ligaments and even the nervous system can all suffer trauma from such accident.  This trauma can often result in misalignment of your spine which can result in interference with the signals in the nervous system and produce pinched nerves, damage to the discs, neck and back pain and even long term damage.

At Miami Car Accident Clinics we have treated numerous patients in the Miami-Dade area with no out of pocket expenses to the patients themselves.

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, call and schedule your free consultation right away.